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Three Lies and One Truth about the Moon

1. The moon only exists at night, and occasionally during the day, in summer

2. No-one has ever landed on the moon, and the Russian President knows this but promised his mum he wouldn’t say anything

3. The moon is a hollow spaceship inhabited by nazi rabbits that turn men into werewolves

4. If my heart was as big as the moon I couldn’t love you more

© Henry Normal

With kind permission of the poet

Henry Normal

Born in St Anne’s, Nottingham in 1956. Now lives in Brighton with his wife, the screenwriter Angela Pell, and their son, Johnny. He is a writer, poet and TV and Film producer and founder of the Manchester Poetry Festival (now the Literature festival) and co-founder of the Nottingham Poetry Festival.

Find out more on his website www.henrynormal.com