Libraries and Bookshops

Easy ways to get involved

• Share our content to keep your social media accounts full of fresh poetry. We are at X/Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and you can join our mailing list for more.
• Download our curated and commissioned poems, with permissions cleared for printing and sharing, from our site and stick them on notice boards.
• Download and display National Poetry Day posters.
• Display poetry books, photograph them and share online using #NationalPoetryDay
• Share a poem in your newsletters.
• Download our free resources for reading and writing groups – each contains a poem plus creative writing tips: they work just as well out of school.


We discovered this year
that poetry is really
effective at tackling
social isolation.
– Librarian, York

Feeling adventurous? More ideas

• Start your weekly team meetings with a short poem. Or, every fortnight, nominate a team-member to choose a poem to go up in the washroom or kitchenette.
• Book a creative writing workshop with a poet. Workshops are paid work, so consider teaming up with other libraries in your authority to share the fee.
• If you’re unsure about who to contact, take a look at our National Poetry Day Ambassadors, a crack corps of inspiring poets who bring poetry to new and young audiences – in schools, in bookshops, in libraries, in public squares – all year round.
• Put the event and activities you plan on the National Poetry Day map.
• Year round, our poetry partners offer support and resources to help bring poetry to your readers and writers.