Spark ideas and watch creativity bloom
with our free poetry resources.

Featuring great poems around this year’s theme, Refuge, our free resources are full of ways to get students reading, discussing, performing, and writing – no matter their confidence level.

They’re ready to go as worksheets, or you can use them as prompts and thought starters for your class activities.

They’re designed by cross-curriculum experts to be used in all sorts of subject lessons, with materials available all the way from KS1 to KS5.

By engaging your classes with poetry, you’ll give them their own refuge to express themselves and think about the world around them differently.

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Resources for Primary

Take a Deep Breath

Take refuge in mental wellbeing. A poem focused on breathing and your own imagination.

The Grass House

A resource focused on finding refuge in a place that is special to you.

June Afternoon

Take refuge in nature. Looking at what can be found outdoors to inspire ideas.

My Treasures

A resource exploring how we can find refuge in the things we collect.

Nature Trail

A resource exploring how we describe our own personal refuge.

On the Move again

Explore the refugee experience with this resource about how it feels to find a new home.

At the End of the Day

Take refuge with a resource about how picking up a pen can help us all let go.

Comparing Refuge

A resource exploring the different forms of Refuge.

Leading with Kindness

A resource about building a place of refuge using kindness.

Resources for Secondary


Exploring the idea that hope is possible and positive in even the bleakest of situations.

Comparing Refuge

A resource that explores and reflects on the meaning of Refuge.

The right word

A resource exploring the ways preconceptions can shape how we see the world.

We Lived Happily During the War

Exploring injustice and contrasts of experience in times of war.

A Portable Paradise

Taking refuge in memories and building inner strength can help, during troubling times.

Brief Dialogue...

Find refuge in the shared experiences that bring people together across oceans.

A Designer Talks of a Home...

Discuss the power of perspective in this thought-provoking resource.

Care Package

Using gift giving as a refuge, this resource explores the transition when moving from one home to another. 

Lament of an Arawak Child

A poster resource from Poetry By Heart to support your poetry reading and presentation.


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