About National Poetry Day

Sponsors and Supporters

National Poetry Day is supported by great literature and literacy partners who work in partnership. Together, we grow support for poetry from third parties, including the BBC, Waterstones, and the Booksellers Association.

We were delighted to have had support from ALCS, the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society, in 2020. Their backing allowed us to make National Poetry Day materials and resources available to every bookshop, school, and library in the UK and beyond.

Find out more about our sponsors, supporters and partners below.

Interested in a sponsorship opportunity with the National Poetry Day? Please contact the National Poetry Day team on info@nationalpoetryday.co.uk.

















The poetry sector is full of brilliant people, poets, publishers and organisations who ensure poems are enjoyed, discovered and shared all year round. Thanks to all those who help us deliver National Poetry Day by creating resources, sharing ideas and making sure that what we do reaches as many people as possible.