Our recommendations: new poetry for National Poetry Day

August 25, 2017

National Poetry Day is all about enjoying, discovering and sharing poems. With the support of our publisher partners, we have curated four strong and varied lists of recommended poetry reading, comprising 40 books: anthologies, poetry for children, for reading groups and current collections. Whoever you are, and whatever your reading tastes, there will be a poetry book here to suit. Some of them won’t be available until National Poetry Day, 28 September, but the others can be bought or borrowed now.

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National Poetry Day 2017 book trade promotion – a list of the 40 books

Recommended reads for National Poetry Day illustrated

September 28, 2017

Amani Saeed wins Art Speaks poetry competition

Scarborough Art Gallery painting inspires ‘Jesus Christ Goes Clubbing’

To many it is a familiar scenario. Matthew Arnold Bracy Smith’s The Disrobing (Despoiling) of Christ