Who Knows?

Who knows what the owl sees
with its yellow planet eyes
shuffling moonlight in its feathers
under aubergine night-skies

who knows where the owl sees
hiding in the clambering trees
interrogating movements
from the doorways of the leaves

who knows how the owl sees
as the scrambled ground protects
the taps of tiny heartbeats
where evening dark collects

who knows who the owl’s seen
when its vision paths its flight
passing like an exhaled breath
until lost inside the night

© Liz Brownlee

With kind permission of the poet

Liz lives in the south west of England and visits schools accompanied by her assistance dog Lola. Liz is a children’s poet, poetry editor and film-maker. She has worked extensively with National Poetry Day and her series of film poems for NPD 2015 are available on her YouTube channel.

Her books include Apes to Zebras, an A-Z of Animal Shape poems, and Be the Change, Poems to Help you Save the World. Being Me, Poems About Feelings, Thoughts and Worries, and Shaping the World, 40 Historical Heroes in Shape Poems will be out in early 2021.