What On Earth Are You Talking About?

My mum said I was in the doghouse –
but our golden retriever already lives there.

My sister said she was blowing her own trumpet –
she has never owned a single wind instrument in her life.

Dad said his mistake was swept under the carpet –
I pulled up the carpets in every single room and couldn’t find it anywhere.

My teacher said she’d turn a blind eye when I forgot my homework –
she can see perfectly well out of both eyes.

My brother said he was on a roll –
there wasn’t a sandwich in sight.

My other sister says I drive her up the wall –
but her feet always stay firmly on the ground.

How can an idea come out of the blue
when the sky is the darkest grey?

When we were in the supermarket with a long list Dad said
‘We’re not out of the woods yet.’


© Chrissie Gittins