The Misinformation Age

We’re in a time when everyone thinks their opinion is truth
They think every thought they spew is absolute
everyone seems to be an expert and a critic
that seeks to speak for everyone
I don’t get it
Conspiracy theories are making souls grow weary
The fear of the unknown has got people feeling eerie
We have a lot of information but very little truth
A lot of speculation but hardly any proof
Some think everything is true on YouTube
That’s why perceptions are skewed on cue
Some think everything has a message subliminal
but if you say truth is in you,
how can you continue
to live in fear
and remain paranoid
Tossed to and fro by deceptions and decoys
Lack of knowledge of the truth it destroys
Sadly empty vessels still make the loudest noise
We have a lot of information
but little revelation
that’s why there’s hardly transformation of situations
What are you buying into?
What holds your attention?
’cause what holds your attention
holds you like detention

© Karl Nova 2019

Watch Karl read his poem here.