The Magic that only Teesside Brings

We are very particular
about a certain funicular
that glistens like a diamond
on the North East coast.

And if you lend me a minute
I’ll bet I can fill it
with a sackful of jewels.
Here’s a few we love the most…

There’s Captain Cook’s monument
and Roseberry Topping,
open wide on Redcar seafront,
pop a lemon top in!

And then walk the black path,
let your tired feet roam
to where a twinkletoed Brazilian boy
learned to call his home.

Because that’s what we do,
we welcome outsiders.
With open arms and open hearts
nothing can divide us.

Then up to Billingham’s
Bladerunner Land,
a vista so vast for young Ridley Scott,
the film came ready-planned.

It’s where yer father went to wairk
in his dairty pairple shairt.
You can get there by a croggy
or a tan if you’re a smoggy.

And yes we built the world
but yesterday’s not the limit.
Pick any country, pay a visit,
You’ll find that we’re still out there doing it.

‘Cos it’s never over till it’s over,
our lasses and lads have wings.
Our own league of nations,
still building foundations
with the magic that only Teesside brings,
the magic that only Teesside brings.

© Harry Gallagher