Sun Kenning

We thank you, Sun
for all you’ve done

You’re always such an . . .

early - riser
life - inspirer
moon - eclipser
summer - sizzler
winter - ender
lolly - melter
shadow - maker
earth - creator
nothing - greater

B r i l l i a n t
that’s what you are -
we call you ‘sun’
but you’re a S T A R !

James Carter

James Carter

James is an award/prize-winning children’s poet, non-fiction writer and musician – and the author of many best-selling poetry books.

He is D E L I G H T E D to be an Ambassador for NPD as he feels it gives a real focus to actively promoting poetry as a vital, creative and cross-curricular medium in Primary schools. James travels all over the UK and abroad with his melodica (that’s Steve) to give lively poetry/music performances and workshops. In the last twenty years, he has visited over 1400 schools and performed at various prestigious literary festivals, including Cheltenham, Hay and Edinburgh. Watch brilliant videos from James on Youtube here.