See through my eyes

I aim to speak truth using poetic devices
with words I’ll be incisive
sharp like a new knife is
It puzzles me when some say it’s divisive
when truth separates us
from what keeps us divided
Our shared humanity is what makes us united
unity in diversity why do some fight it?
How can my dignity make some feel slighted?
is the lowering of others what keeps their pride ignited?
Unity doesn’t have to mean uniformity
or conformity to something I am not normally
Experiences keep swarming me
transforming me
this caterpillar is now a butterfly soaring free
this rhythm and poetry might make you
see what I see
You might think differently,
we can agree to disagree
or find our feet standing on common ground
that is level and even
is that odd?
how does that sound?

My sound mind amplifies these lines that resonate
Your head nods in agreement eardrums vibrate
or maybe you’re reading these lines
seeing into my mind
and somehow you can hear
my voice captured in time
It’s a matter of time
my vision will capture your mind
A kaleidoscope of feelings and thoughts
you will find
Words are my colours
my voice is the paint brush
Emotions saturate this portrait
visions so lush
Swirls into your imagination
images flashing cause fascination
when days are grey and I lose all patience
I dress my mind up with lines and take a vacation Verses transport me without changing location
No passport or visa needed
is found in this moment piercing the mundane
See through my eyes,
watch this frozen world melt away

© Karl Nova

With kind permission of the poet