I’d love to be able to move
through a city
on rooftops,
to take leaps of faith
as I jump from one building
to the next,
to feel like a superhero
with zero
to frighten me.

How good it would be
to race across acres
of roof tiles,
to slink over skylights,
to leap wide canyons
of streets on the curve
of an arc.

Television crews
would assemble
with reporters gasping out
the news,
wondering who
this is,
this lone leaper
in the dark.

And me, not knowing
where I’m going,
keeping moving,
thinking, hoping
one day, I’ll meet
another like me
who scoots across
checking each time
where he plants
his feet.

Street after street,
mile after mile,
we’d explore
the hidden places
only helicopter pilots
would have seen.

I’d love the freedom
to move through a city
on rooftops.