Prouder Than Proud

Some looking on might only see
A wet and windy County
Where the Council is broke
And rundown buildings only add to the choke
But there are those who find room
In the midst of partisan gloom
To appreciate and with unscaled eyes see
Family football Whiskey
They rise to the challenge
To find that silver lining
In Bright beautiful Bellinge
And rusty sunsetting glows
On prolific ironstone

The temptation is to underrate
Forgetting we’ve history to celebrate:
Walter Tull our World War One
Hero and premier league footballer
Makes this County stand taller
He played for Tottenham and Northampton Town
And was the first Black officer to lead troops on a raid
Just thinking of him makes us proud
Princess Diana—the whole world loved her
But she’s our Rose of the Shires
And Althorp House as her childhood home
Is ours alone to claim
We’re right in the middle of the country
Middle earth if you will – we’re no poor cousin
We are Britain’s bellybutton!

Don’t underestimate
Our village greens and ambient Abington Park
Replenishing the land-locked soul
As toes curl into summer-hazed grass
Or Corby’s Adrenaline Alley where
Urban sports keep communities
Energised, together and whole

And with all that there is to do
In our boot and shoe
Lush green Shire
There’s nothing quite like the simplest expression
of belonging and love
That leaves the most lasting impression
Across each generation:
A Sunday roast full of wholesome good
At Nana Buckby’s table in our happy hood

© Nairobi Thompson