I thought you were just fields and sheep?
the geezer says, before asking for directions,
I told him to head down the jitty, hit the next street,
and go straight over at the Island,
he didn’t know what a jitty was, said the street looked more like a main road
and Couldn’t locate an Island as he couldn’t see no water
just tarmac, bricks and mortar
why you calling a roundabout an Island anyway?
he asks
So I hit him with the fact
that round ‘ere we’re the furthest from the sea
and with so much tarmac, bricks and mortar we like to reimagine beauty
We’ve nowt but pride for this place me duck
he laughed,
you lot speak a different language round ‘ere bruv!
I told him we like it that way,
being hard to place
Definitely not south, but not quite North neither
just kind of in the way.
odds stacked against
the underdog in the race
with the biggest characters on the stage
you seen how man like Jack O Connell and Eyez are reppin’ these days?
We got phenomenal women like Sandy Ryan packin’ punches too!
All Rams’ fans through and through

The truth is this city bleeds black and white
but it’s much more than just black and white
its history, industry, artistry and more
We’ve nowt but pride for this place me duck
nowt but pride

© Jamie Thrasivoulou