My father came to England
from another country
My father’s mother came to England from another country
but my father’s father
stayed behind.
So my dad had no dad here and I never saw him at all.
One day in spring
some things arrived:
a few old papers,
a few old photos
and – oh yes –
a hulky bulky thick checked jacket that belonged to the man
I would have called ‘Grandad’. The Man Who Stayed Behind.
But I kept that jacket and I wore it
and I wore it
and I wore it
till it wore right through at the back.

‘Newcomers’ from the collection Quick, Let’s Get Out of Here by Michael Rosen (Puffin Books, 2015). Text copyright © Michael
Rosen, 1983. Illustrated by Quentin Blake

Watch Michael read his poem here.

Michael Rosen is a poet, writer and broadcaster, and held the post of Children’s laureate from 2007-2009.

Michael Rosen is a hugely bestselling author of picture books and poetry. Michael frequently appears on radio and gives talks and lectures on children’s literature. Michael was the Children’s Laureate for 2007-2009 and the winner of the Eleanor Farjeon Award. He lives in London.