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Making Robert Learn Like Susan

Everybody wants Robert to learn like Susan,
but there are always more Roberts than Susans,
aren’t there?
Blaming Robert isn’t helpful.
Susan is by nature a deep learner:
it’s easy for her.
She’s not like Robert,
trying to show off with big words like
or transubstantiation.
Silly Robert!
He has memorized them from a book!
He doesn’t know their real meanings!
Because Robert is a surface learner,
whereas Susan is deep.
Blaming Robert isn’t helpful.
What we need
is to take all the Roberts from this world
and make them Susans.

© Tara Bergin

From The Tragic Death of Eleanor Marx (Carcanet)
With the kind permission of the publisher

Tara Bergin

To find out more about Tara, please visit http://www.forwardartsfoundation.org/poet/tara-bergin/

Photo credit: Emmett Bergin