Poems to share


A newborn baby in a cot
that’s magic.
A baked potato, piping hot
that’s magic.
A cartoon on a Saturday
a muffin on a baker’s tray
a tabby cat that wants to play
that’s magic.

A rainbow peeking through the rain
that’s magic.
A multicoloured candy cane
that’s magic.
A puppy learning how to bark
a chocolate eaten in the dark
a game of football in the park
that’s magic.

A lion waking from a nap
that’s magic.
Your uncle doing his ‘cool rap’
that’s… tragic.
A doctor looking down your throat
the buttons on your winter coat
the beard on a billy goat
that’s magic.

A dolphin diving in the deep,
that’s magic.
A brand new watch that’s yours to keep,
that’s magic.
Just have a look round where you dwell,
The sea, the sky, the land as well –
you don’t need wands or magic spells
for magic.

© Joshua Seigal (from Welcome to My Crazy Life, Bloomsbury 2020)

Joshua Seigal

Joshua Seigal is an award-winning poet, performer and educator who uses poetry to develop literacy skills and inspire confidence and creativity in communication. He has worked in hundreds of schools, nurseries, libraries, theatres and festivals around the country, and has poems published in numerous anthologies. Joshua’s most recent book is I Don’t Like Poetry published by Bloomsbury.