It Is Everywhere

Green leaves. Wind kissed.
Closed palms. Fresh hope.

Deep river. Free flow.
No signs. Open road.

Wide sky. Grow wings.
Feel light. Dream big.

No frame. New eyes.
From dark. Find light.

Hug air. Laugh loud.
Breathe deep. Dance wild.

Smile wide. Shut eyes.
Hold chest. Close mind.

Ask cloud. Ask wind.
Ask earth. Ask field.

How to live free?

Hold on. Let Go.
Give trust. Lend heart.

Fall down. Get up.
Eat fear. Drink hope.

Remi Graves is a London-based poet and drummer. A Barbican Young Poet, her work can be found in publications such as Skin Deep, Orlando Zine and NON Quarterly. Her past projects include a residency at Croydon Library with Spine Festival, and she most recently held the role of Digital Poet in Residence with and The Poetry School. Remi is also one half of Gertrude and Jemima, a poetry and music duo, with South African poet and performer Toni Stuart, who presented their improv piece What the Trees Know at Southbank’s Africa Utopia festival. She is also Elmo’s biggest fan.