Haiflu: More to life than COVID

Haiku transcriptions

Remember last March?
We thought it would be six weeks.
It’s been a whole year.
– Lizzie Lidster

My sense of time, flown.
Just last week seems long ago,
that other man, gone.
– Barry Patterson

A small part of me
will miss the quiet gifted
by COVID 19.
– Gerald Kells

Home School’s out for spring!
Alice Cooper croon it loud.
First liberation.
– Kay Bee

Two hundred thousand
of our arms were jabbed today.
Mine was one of them.
– Arian Jan Power

White blackthorn blossom
fills the hedgerows with new hope
Dolly sings ‘Vaccine’.
– Rachel Clyne

I felt my baby
move for the first time today.
Life is still magic.
– Buff N Ilsø

It’s almost as though
the universe is starting
to wake up again.
– Lizzie Lidster

Hairdressers will need
to order large sacks ready
for April shearing.
– Janet Jenkins

Even though I know
things will get better in time
today I feel sad.
– Sue Dakin

I am off to the
irony shop to spend some
claps. 1% off.
– Amanda Foale-Hart

A year unemployed,
no longer defined by job.
Priorities shift.
– Vanessa O’Reilly

Life has changed for good
Home working, meetings on Zoom
have become routine.
– Anne Patterson

We drop treat bags to
Dad’s care home. Daily rations
in lieu of our hugs.
– Vanessa Anderson

Butter spread too cold.
Tearing toast never made me
cry before COVID.
– George Edward Chopping

Longing to see you,
to wrap my arms around you
and never let go.
– Rebecca Carolyn Page

The school gates open.
Smiling, I nudge him forward.
Cry all the way home.
– Liv Torc

Sneezed her headphones off.
We laughed and I thought how we
might miss home school. Not!
– Kay Walton

Kids, like boomerangs
gently tossed – always return
with tales of the wind.
– Alfie Crow

In time, memory
will dilute stories. How we
fought for what seemed lost.
– Susan Wood

Grief and denial
pause, blinking in the sunlight.
Stupid for beauty.
– Tim King

I’ve learned many things,
how I love doors and windows,
how I love people.
– Rosie Jackson

Spring lambs are land clouds
blown by skittering winds. Life’s
much more than COVID.
– Brenda Read-Brown

Letter to Lockdown:
Sorry this isn’t working.
I’m leaving. You first…
– Lydia Towsey

With kind permission of poet, Liv Torc, creator of Project Haiflu

Liv Torc is a performance poet, Radio 4 Slam Winner, a former Bard of Exeter and current co-host of The Hip Yak Poetry Shack, Liv also runs the spoken word stage at WOMAD festival and the Hip Yak Poetry School. In 2019 she is performing on the Poetry & Words Stage at Glastonbury Festival. Her first published book Show Me Life was released by Burning Eye in 2015. She lives and works in Somerset and runs the poetry and mental health cabaret The Rainbow Fish Speak Easy in Yeovil and the Hip Yak Poetry Slam in Frome.