Poems to share

Free as the Wind

It’s slight and likes
to infiltrate
makes supple grasses

it’s heavy and ready
to hurricane
power the storm clouds
splatter the rain

it swirls in the sand
bends barleycorn
dances the flowers’ heads
round the lawn

it flattens the trees
clack-clatters the bins
rat-tatters in dreams
sets leaves into spins

it slivers in houses
to whistle and haunt
makes the bare branches
jazz–hand and jaunt

it batters and scatters
the litter around
grapples the shadows
for space on the ground

it smooths unsmooth stones
whips away words
scattering syllables
dishevelling birds

it cannot be summoned
or seen or confined
as restless as waiting
as careless as time

it gusts from a suddenness
cannot be pinned
for nothing is free as
as free as the wind

Liz Brownlee

Liz Brownlee loves writing about wildlife, the subject of her book Animal Magic (Iron Press). She’s also written Reaching the Stars: Poems
about Extraordinary Women and Girls (Macmillan Children’s Books) with Jan Dean and Michaela Morgan; The Same Inside: Poems about Friendship and Empathy (Macmillan Children’s Books), written with Matt Goodfellow and Roger Stevens (which will be out January 2018); and Apes to Zebras: An A–Z of Shape Poems (Bloomsbury) with Roger Stevens and Sue Hardy-Dawson (due out March 2018). Liz does readings and workshops on all the above books at schools, libraries, literary and nature festivals. She also speaks at teaching conferences, organizes poetry retreats, exhibitions and events, and runs the poetry website Poetry Roundabout.