Don’t be Bored Rock

don’t be bored rock
once you were orange fire
thundering down some
mountain slope or
hurtling silver sleek
through deep sky

maybe you were thrown up
sputtering red by
an ancient fuming volcano or
born with the planet in a
starless galactic bang

to be carved sharp by ice
rounded by raging wind

but whichever it was
being still now is good
after all

you have so much to remember

from Cherry Moon
To be First Published in the UK by Welbeck Children’s Limited, part of Welbeck Publishing Group Limited
(Based in London and Sydney)

© Zaro Weil
With kind permission of Welbeck Editions

Cherry Moon by Zaro Weil, illustrated by Junli Song
(Welbeck Editions, 2022)

Zaro Weil

Zaro Weil lives in southern France with her husband, two sheepdogs and a host of birds, insects, badgers, wild boars, crickets, donkeys, goats, hares - and loads more!

She has been a lot of things: dancer, theatre director, actress, poet, playwright, educator, quilt collector and historian, author, publisher and a few others.

Zaro loves writing and animals and trees and making things up.