I am a custodian.
Custodian of the landscape,
its mysteries and memories.

Custodian of the may blossom
that wakes the hedges
after winter slumbers.

Custodian of languages:
the calling of cattle at first light,
the arguments of foxes,
the complaining of sheep
the gossip from overhead geese.

Custodian of the berries and sloes,
the rich bounty of hedgerows,
of the fallen trees,
the scampering of squirrels,
the whirring of pheasants’ wings,
the hide and seek deer,
the woodpecker’s drum roll.

Custodian of winter’s snow and summer’s draught,
of sunset and sunrise, of misty hideaways,
of dripping fog, of woods and streams,
the valleys, hills and skies.

I am a custodian.
I have no desire to own these things,
these places, just to know
that on my watch,
and until I relinquish responsibility -
All is as it should be.

© Brian Moses
With kind permission of the poet

Resource: Custodian

A resource from NPD Ambassador Brian Moses

Brian Moses

Brian Moses

Brian Moses lives in the small Sussex village of Burwash with his wife Anne. He has been a professional children’s poet since 1988. To date he has over 200 books published including volumes of his own poetry such as Lost Magic: The Very Best of Brian Moses (Macmillan) and I Thought I Heard a Tree Sneeze: Poems for Younger Children (Troika). He has compiled over 60 poetry anthologies and written picture books such as Dreamer – Saving Our Wild World (Otter-Barry Books) and Walking With My Iguana (Troika).

Over 1 million of Brian’s poetry books have been sold. His new poetry collection, Selfies With Komodos, will be published by Otter-Barry Books in Jan 2023.

Brian also runs writing workshops and performs his own poetry and percussion shows. To date he has given over 3000 performances in schools, libraries, theatres and festivals throughout the UK and abroad. He is founder and co-director the nationwide A.I.M High programme for enthusiastic young writers.

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