Of course I am Maid Marian, Who else is there to be?

Filmed in my filmy white dress
kissed hard by Robin Hood
against the gnarly tree
the TV shines Lincoln green.

Friar Tuck and my cat
get gooseberried
with the homework
(page 62, questions 1–10).

Me and Robin Hood
curl on the corduroy settee
licking the sugary cement
out of Bourbon biscuits.

Me and Robin Hood
roam Battersea
avoiding pavement cracks
and fact-checkers.

Around that time we vow
to live outside the law
like Bonnie and Clyde,
me and Robin Hood.

Sophie Herxheimer is an artist and a poet. She created all the images for the last two National Poetry Days! She’s held lots of art residencies, including with the Southbank Centre, the National Maritime Museum, Transport for London, and the Museum of Liverpool . . . Her paintings have been shown at The Poetry Library, The National Portrait Gallery and the Whitworth Gallery, Manchester. She teaches at the Royal Drawing School and The Poetry School. Sophie made a 350-metre tablecloth to run the length of Southwark Bridge, featuring Londoners’ personal stories about food; a life-size concrete poem in the shape of Mrs Beeton, sited by her grave; a thirty-metre concertina book about a forest; and a giant pie for seven drama students to jump out of singing. She has illustrated five collections of fairy Tales and mythology. Her new book contains poems written phonetically in her late grandmother’s strong German accent, and is called Velkom to Inklandt. She loves painting, drawing, cutting, sticking, baking – and making up poems. www.sophieherxheimer.com www.poetryteapot.wordpress.com