It’s over, I know that.
But the grasses against my legs
are my lover’s hands,
the wind, his voice, urging me on.

Part of me wanted to be found
with him, for it all to break open.
And there’s my boy, Callum.

I’ve always upset things,
can’t help myself.

I run the dogs along Tredinney
like how they push on,
ignoring the hedges they’ll never scramble
over, have no sense
of shame, just follow their noses.
I did that once – an affair with another farmer.

I can see what a good person is.
We’d walk our dogs here up to Bartinney
his Collie, my Jack Russells.

I can almost see his farm from here,
his Jeep, his Massey.

I ran away from my family –
twenty generations of farming.
I ran away and towards.

I’ve no regrets. Change is good.

I look out on the land, decide
which path to take down.

I know my way.
I’m a countrywoman.
Trevesiges ov vy.