Poems to share



In our 25th year, we are all about poems that speak Truth.  Here the brilliant poet Nora Gomringer shares a love poem… or is it?

took me along
lifted from the box
led by the hand
water from the saucer
placed a collar of cultured pearls around my neck
taught tricks: baking, cooking, sewing on buttons
then one day
abandoned me
after a long drive in a blindfold
or a stick thrown too far

I lifted myself up, discarded my pelt
climbed into high heels and stand now

© Nora Gomringer

from Hydra’s Head, translated by Annie Rutherford (Burning Eye Books)

Nora Gomringer

Nora Gomringer, born in 1980 to German and Swiss parents, is arguably the best-known poet of her generation in either country, acclaimed for her alternatively playful and piercing poetry as well as her lively performances. She is also director of the international artists’ house Villa Concordia.