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Being Human

I am letting go of my senses,
my brain is about to explode,

there are pelicans flying around my limbs,
we’re in for a feather episode.

All along my intestines
a mole is trying to crawl,

he has trouble seeing at the best of times,
down there he sees nothing at all.

In the chambers of my heart
primroses are starting to grow,

they will flower and bloom and bloom and flower
while the sun stretches high and then low.

My main concern is my clavicle,
it has become a perch for birds,

for sparrows and robins and wrens and crows.
All they will eat is my words.

© Chrissie Gittins

Chrissie Gittins

Chrissie Gittins writes poetry for children and adults, short stories and plays. She has been visiting schools as a poet for over 20 years and is an experienced teacher. She has written five children’s poetry collections. Now You See Me, Now You… and I Don’t Want an Avocado for an Uncle were shortlisted for the CLPE Poetry Award. Both these, and her third collection The Humpback’s Wail, are Choices for the Children’s Poetry Bookshelf. Her new and collected poems Stars in Jars is a Scottish Poetry Library recommendation. Her latest collection – Adder, Bluebell, Lobster – is nominated for the North Somerset Teacher’s Book Award. Chrissie’s poems have been widely anthologized and animated for Rhyme Rocket and Poetry Pie on Cbeebies TV. She was a finalist in the Manchester Children’s Literature Prize and she won the Belmont Poetry Prize. You can hear Chrissie reading her children’s poems on the Poetry Archive. She has also read at festivals including Hay, Edinburgh, Wigtown, West Cork, and in the Children’s Room of the Poets House in New York.