All Grown Up

You wake up one day

And it hits you that you are not a child anymore

The gaps that were between your teeth

Are now called “adult”


Mum and dad don’t tell you what to do

The Government does

Packed school lunches

Have become pretentious brunches

And responsibilities are a new thing

That have been gifted to you.

Piggy tails are pony tails and

Backpacks are briefcases

Your childhood hangouts

Are replaced with new places.

Things have changed.

You’re all grown up.

You jump on the Network West Midlands

The bus route meanders through the city

BOA kids harmonise at the back

The street lights make the roads look pretty.

The lady in front is engrossed in Complete Shakespeare

It reminds you of when you were back in school

Your lean your head against the window

Things have changed.

You’re all grown up.