A Small Step

From hopeless romantic…
to helpless rheumatic…
A small step.

From hip hop to hip op
A small (and creaky) step.

From naughty nights to ‘nighty nights’,
attitude to gratitude,
appealing to appalling,
festive to festered,
inspired to insipid,
A very very, very small step

And loving…
..to losing.
(just one consonant apart)
A small (but painful) step.

Time was, I would stare at the stars
and wonder,
Now, I wander up the stairs and I wonder…
…Why am I here?

creeping up…
…on you.
Step by stealthy
Unseen, unheard.
Grandmothers’ footsteps.


© Michaela Morgan

Michaela Morgan is a poet and writer. She has a collection of shiny awards and shortlistings including the BBC Blue Peter Book award. Sadly, she has lost her Blue Peter badge. Hundreds of her poems are scattered in anthologies in UK and internationally. Her latest big poetic production is Alice in Poetry (Macmillan, 2016, edited by Michaela Morgan). This is an anthology of poems featuring her and many of the poetry ambassadors, providing poetic response to Alice in Wonderland. She regularly visits schools and runs workshops.