What if? People’s Poem

September 27, 2023

Join us on National Poetry Day for the Sanofi What if? People’s Poem event, an opportunity to come together and celebrate the power of poetry as a way of sharing health experiences.

This summer, we tasked the nation with composing a piece of poetry asking, ‘What if?’ about health. The calibre of entries was extremely high, with people emotively sharing their personal experiences.

At the event you will be able to hear a selection of the entries performed by the poets themselves, as well as the first live performance of the curated ‘People’s Poem’, written by Jaspreet Kaur and inspired by the entries. It will also feature guest speakers exploring the poetry as a powerful form of self-expression and one of the most liberating forms of creative writing.

This unique celebratory event will bring people together from creative arts, patient advocacy, and community-focussed groups to reflect on the themes raised by the poems and explore capturing authentic everyday experiences when considering the big questions surrounding health and wellbeing.