Edward Thomas and Robert Frost – An inspirational friendship!

September 8, 2020

Join us, along with The Edward Thomas Fellowship and our American friends from the Robert Frost Society to explore the friendship that inspired two of the 20th centuries most beloved poets.

This is a story about two men at the beginnings of their careers confiding in one another about their deepest hopes and aspirations for their art, told through the study of their personal correspondence over the life of their short lived friendship.

Emmy-Award winning American actor Gordon Clapp and British actor Tom Durham will be reading from these letters, while Frost Scholars Don Sheehy, Virginia Smith and Robert Bernard Hass along with Edna Longley, Guy Cuthbertson and Ralph Pite on behalf of the Edward Thomas Fellowship will discuss this storybook literary friendship before opening up to a truly international discussion which you can be part of!

As a member of the audience you will be invited to take part in the final discussion to share your thoughts and views on this truly inspirational friendship.