Tips on performing a poem

See it: Look at the words and think about the images they create.Imagine the first line as a movie scene - who's there, what's happening or about to happen? Try writing out the poem and illustrating it or creating a storyboard.

Sound it: Listen for the sounds of the words and the poem's movement.Try saying it in different tones of voice. Try clapping the poem's beat or walking in time to it. Try different speeds, where to place pauses and moments where the rhythm changes.

Mark it: When you know how you want to say your poem, create a script for reading aloud. Use underlining, colours and symbols to remind yourself where to go faster or slower and where you want your voice to go up or down, louder or softer.

Slow it: Count to 10 before you start to get your listeners ready to listen. Speak slowly, pause for one second at a comma or a dash, two seconds at a colon or semi-colon and three seconds at a full stop. No punctuation? You decide where the pauses go!

Savour it: Don't swallow the words at the end of one line because you're rushing to say the next one - enjoy saying every word! Think about how to make an impact with the final line and count to 10 after the last word to let it sink in.

The final step is Share it —you can decide how you wish to get pupils to do this - individuals, groups or whole class team year group.