Refugee Action Podcast for NPD

October 5, 2023

The Expert By Experience podcast gets an episode focused on poetry, and 2023's National Poetry Day theme, REFUGE

Poems penetrate our souls and touch the deepest parts of our hearts the way perhaps thousands of articles or news pieces cannot do so. Poets can communicate emotions directly to many and are an excellent tool for people with lived experiences in the asylum system to express their pains, trauma, and frustration.

The podcast features Nicola Davies, an author and poet; alongside Jason Thomas-Fournillier, an EbE, an LGBTQ+ campaigner and an active member of RAS voice; and Sarah Croft, the Head of Drama at Litchfield Cathedral school. They explore the admirable utility of a poem that lends itself to expressing such diverse emotions.

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"I feel that part of my role as a writer is to be a voice for people who wouldn't otherwise have a voice. I have been writing for a ling time that enabled me to bring these stories to an audience of readers who might not have head them. They have an immense impact on people. They start to get some of the terrible difficulty of being a refugee." 

About the Podcast

The Expert by Experience (EbE) network Podcast where our members discuss various issues from their authentic perspectives. The purpose of this podcast is to strengthen understanding, build bridges and break down the stigma toward people seeking asylum and refugees. The EbE network is a national group formed of people seeking asylum and those with refugee status. The groups are supported by Refugee Action. Free is the name of the podcast's music, composed and sung by one of our members, Phillips Alayande, known as O.Phils.

Refugee Action

Refugee Action is an leading, independent national charity founded in 1981 that provides advice and support to refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and campaigns for a fairer asylum system. They help refugees obtain the basic support that they need to live again with dignity. They help them to build safe, happy and productive lives in the UK.