Dazzle Gradually: A Poetry Anthology for Businesses

September 18, 2019

Make the most of National Poetry Day in your office: share poetry with your colleagues!

Heaven knows, working in an office isn’t easy, and no-one gets on with their colleagues all the time. Add in the stress of budgets and deadlines, and those afternoons when the WiFi goes down, and it’s a wonder any of us survive at all. That’s where poetry can help. Reading poetry aloud in a group, taking a few minutes to share a poem and discuss its meaning can provide a rewarding and welcome break from the chaos of our busy lives, and is a great way to bring people closer together.

Dazzle Gradually is a special anthology of poetry, created by The Reader for National Poetry Day. It features four poems by favourite authors. Read them aloud with your colleagues, discuss them, and tease out the truths they contain – we guarantee it will bring a bit of calm to the busiest of days, and send everyone back to work feeling calmer, happier and more motivated.



The Reader is a national charity that that wants to bring about a reading revolution so that everyone can experience and enjoy great literature, which is a tool for helping humans survive and live well.



From the global Shared Reading movement, to their new home at Calderstones Park, The Reader builds lively communities that bring people together and books to life. The Reader  supports National Poetry Day to celebrate the power of reading great poetry, aloud, together, in the workplace.

Jane Davis, founder and director of The Reader explains: “The Reader is the originator of Shared Reading – weekly groups where great literature is read aloud – and our charity brings thousands of people together to connect with others and feel good in communities across the country. Shared Reading in the workplace can mean closer relationships with colleagues, more honest feedback and greater space in the working day. National Poetry Day is a key date in The Reader’s calendar and so we’re very pleased to have worked with Forward Arts Foundation on a 25th birthday anthology.”

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