Subject to Change topical poems from the Barbican Young Poets

August 2, 2018

What do we know today, and what are the unknowns of tomorrow?

Subject to Change at the Barbican invites twelve young poets to speak to our changing world, one for every month of 2018.

Part of the Barbican’s 2018 Season, The Art of Change, which explores how artists respond to, reflect and can potentially effect change in the social and political landscape, Subject to Change aims to reflect the shifting landscapes of the present through the timeless art of poetry. Each month a poet picks a topical subject and writes a poem that provides their own personal reflection on the issue.

The poets are:

Katie Hale
Jeremiah ‘Sugar J’ Brown
Laurie Ogden
Kareem Parkins-Brown
Zahrah Sheikh
Anita Barton-Williams
Annie Hayter
Corey Peterson
Eleanor Penny
Leke Oso Alabi
Gabriel Jones
Bella Cox

Watch the poets read their poems and keep an eye out for the new month’s poem.

The Barbican Young Poets is a programme for writers who have something to say and are searching for a new way to say it. This programme will feed and challenge you to produce new and exciting work as you work with with internationally renowned poet and performer Jacob Sam-La Rose as well as guest facilitators and artists who will help develop different aspects of writing and performance work. Download the most recent anthology, An Orchestra of Feather and Bone here and find out more about this brilliant scheme.