BBC Local Poets

BBC Local Poets

Each year BBC Local Radio teams up with specially chosen poets to create sparkling new poems for broadcast on National Poetry Day. This year we are joining forces to challenge stereotypes and celebrate the delights of the different regions that together compose the United Kingdom.










From now, prompted by National Poetry Day’s Truth theme, BBC Local Radio stations are inviting listeners to tackle lazy cliches by sharing truths about the places where they live, the kinds of truths that deserve to be better known. These local insights will inspire celebratory new poems by the 13 local poets pictured here to  be broadcast on National Poetry Day.  BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Plaid Cymru are also planning to commission films: so watch this space.

Find out more about the wonderful poets taking part, and whether your radio station is taking part. If it is, be sure to join in by nominating your #HomeTruth.

Meanwhile you can watch the videos from NPD 2018 (Change) below, or sit back and listen to all the poets brought together in a BBC Local Radio special. Don’t miss the special ‘Doctor Wha’ by James Robertson either, which celebrates the Doctor in Scots.


BBC Radio Lincolnshire | Kirsten Irving | The Lincoln Imp’s Birthday

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BBC Radio York | Kate Fox | Everything Flows

Read: Everything Flows


BBC Radio Cambridgeshire | John Clegg | The Sun Box

Read: The Sun Box


BBC Radio Solent | Abigail Parry | Scylla

Read: Scylla


BBC Radio Gloucestershire | Angela France | Second Wind

Read: Second Wind


BBC Radio Nottingham | Andrew Graves | This and That

Read: This and That


BBC Radio Manchester | Nicole May | A rucksack and a journey

Read: A rucksack and a journey


BBC Radio Newcastle | Rowan McCabe | An Ode to a Muckle

Read: An Ode to a Muckle


BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey | John McCullough | The Zigzag Path

Read: The Zigzag Path


BBC Radio London | Momtaza Mehri | Our Father, who Art in HEndon

Read: Our Father, Who art in Hendon


BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire | Sebbie Mudhai | All Grown Up

Read: All Grown Up


BBC Radio Cornwall | Katrina Naomi | Countrywoman

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