AI and Poetry

We've teamed up with the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society to bring you two videos about Artificial Intelligence and poetry

The brilliant poet, Laura Mucha, has created two videos with us about poetry and AI.

These videos and accompanying resources should help start the conversation about the role we play in creating art and poetry when machines can mimic humans so well.

Or can they?

Let's explore whether we can tell if a poem is written by a Large Language Model and whether poetry needs to be written by humans at all? And let's think critically about what it means to create art and have copyright over our own work.

Which Poem Did AI Write?

Teaching Resource: Which Poem Did AI Write?

We have two poems, one written by AI and the other by a human, can you work out which one is which?

Can AI Write Poetry?

Teaching Resource: Can AI Write Poetry?

A resource exploring the definitions of poetry and the ethics around machine generated writing