National Poetry Day will take place on Thursday 28 September 2017 and the theme is “Freedom”.

We will be coming up with new ways to enjoy, discover and share poetry in the run up to the day. Meanwhile, why not take advantage of the massive interest in poetry on the day, and plan your own poetry event?  This basic How To Put on a Poetry Reading will help. Be sure to list your event on the NPD events map. You can also sign-up to receive all our news and updates.


When is National Poetry Day 2017?
Thursday 28 September 2017 – a little earlier than usual, because we are working closely with the BBC and Hull City of Culture on a celebration that will ensure still more are involved closely in enjoying, discovering and sharing poetry, all year round.

What is the theme of National Poetry Day 2017?
The theme for National Poetry Day 2017 will be Freedom.

What is National Poetry Day?
National Poetry Day is a celebration of poetry across the UK. What shape that celebration takes is up to you. Over the years we’ve had poetry in schools, poetry in burger vans, poetry on the news, poetry on the side of buildings, poetry strapped to the legs of carrier pigeons, and much much more. All we ask is that you celebrate poetry, and use the hashtag #nationalpoetryday to let us know about it.

Who can put on an event?
Anyone. We welcome events of all shapes and sizes, whether from individuals, groups or organisations. If you used our downloaded logos or posters, take pictures and put them on social media with the hashtag #nationalpoetryday.

What does it cost?
It’s FREE. To list any public event on our website simply visit our Events page. You are welcome to charge for your event, but make sure you mention this when you list the event.

How do I list an event?
Scroll down to click on the map on the Join In page.

How do I find out more?
Learn more about our plans and offers by signing up to our mailing list, or if you have a question, contact us.

Who runs National Poetry Day?

National Poetry Day is an initiative of the Forward Arts Foundation, a charity that celebrates excellence in poetry and widens its audience. We bring together leading poetry, literacy and literary organisations around a shared purpose: promoting the enjoyment, discovery and sharing of poetry.

National Poetry Day was founded in 1994 by William Sieghart and has engaged millions of people across the country reading, writing and listening to poetry. From 1999 onwards, National Poetry Day has been loosely themed: the theme meant to kickstart inspiration rather than be prescriptive.